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The success of a real estate transaction can be measured by the degree of satisfaction of the parties involved. The letters below were unsolicited and were submitted at the discretion of clients of The North Woods Group. We truly appreciate their thoughts & comments.

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Hello David (Wright)  and Happy New Year! Chris and son Matthew put up our Hoff Haus sign last week. I want to let you know how AWESOME the sign and inscription are. I love it!!! I think we have the most beautiful sign design in all of Tahoe Donner!

 We had a fantastic full week at the cabin with various family members coming and going throughout the week. It was difficult to leave yesterday. I can't thank you enough for everything you have done for us as our Realtor and our friend in 2013. Looking forward to fun outdoor times in 2014!

All the best,


Jessica ".You went above and beyond to make the process as smooth and easy as possible"

We would like to thank you for your recent representation on the purchase of our house in Soda Springs.You went above and beyond to make the process as smooth and easy as possible.We greatly appreciate the way you recommended people and helped arrange for allof the services we needed during our due diligence as well as the way you havestayed in touch and remained helpful even after we closed on the purchase. Thistype of service is something buyers will appreciate in any transaction, butespecially in a largely second home market where they are not necessarilylocated nearby. We would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyonelooking to purchase a home in the area. Please feel free to use us as areference in the future.


 Dave and Monica McCarty



Dear Madam or Sir:
My wife and I would like to very much recommend David Wright to you for consideration as a residential real estate broker to help in selling your property in the Lake Tahoe/Truckee area.
David helped us sell our villa in Old Greenwood in September 2013 and did an excellent job. We worked with him for about six weeks during which time he aided us in preparing the villa for sale and took us successfully through to the close of escrow. He was knowledgeable and helped us:
• To determine a fair but aggressive sale price,
• To prepare the marketing brochures, arrange for the advertising, help with the voluminous disclosure documents and prepare the Purchase and Sale Agreement,
• To obtain and follow-up with contractors to do the work needed to get the property ready for sale,
• To negotiate with the buyer so that we obtained 99% of the original asking price with only the customary contributions to the cost of the sale.
The villa was put on the market on Friday, August 9th, and we received the first offer on Saturday, August 10th, which we accepted, and the second back-up offer on Monday, August 12th. Escrow closed on September 18th. The entire process went very smoothly under David’s direction, and we were completely satisfied with his service.
In addition to being a very competent broker with years of experience, David was enjoyable to relate to. His personality was low key and warm making the sale process even more pleasant.
David was recommended to us by close friends who sold their Tahoe Donner property with his help about three years earlier. They, too, were very satisfied with David’s service. In addition, our friends also recommended him to family members who purchased a Tahoe Donner home with his help.
We think you would do well to choose David Wright as your real estate broker.

Craig Duncan


Jessica Ferguson "Just a wonderful guide and honest representative for our interests."

We were lucky enough to find Jessica during our search for a home in Tahoe Donner in the fall of 2011. She was a fantastic guide - full of knowledge about the area and the quirks of home ownership in the Tahoe area. Just a wonderful guide and honest representative for our interests. She established a strong rapport with the sellers and helped us navigate the purchase with fantastic and timely advice. Just a fantastic advocate.

Brian Howell & Jeff Lasker


David Wright Provides Outstanding Client Service!

"To David Wright -

There are just not enough words to express how grateful I am for your sustained effort on my behalf in getting this house sold.  You went above and beyond your remit and clearly demonstrated that pioneer spirit with which the west was won!

 I hope the next listing goes a lot smoother than this one! Kind regards"


Cheers to David Wright

"Hi David,

Since we missed each other on the mountain I haven't had the opportunity to say thank you for all the work that you put in to make our deal come together.  I recognize that this was a challenging escrow from the beginning and I appreciate all of the extra effort that you put into this.  We would not have been able to make this happen without your exceptional support so I wanted to extend our humble appreciation.  

 My wife and kids could not be more excited and pleased with the condo.  It is truly the perfect fit for my family and what we do.  This is one of those properties that was meant to be from the get go.  My only issue is having to tell everyone that it is time to go home! 

 Again, thank you for all of your diligent work!  It was truly a pleasure working with you and I will certainly extend a referral to anyone that I hear who is considering a property on the mountain.  In addition, please feel free to use me as a reference for prospective clients should you get such a request.

PS - I look forward to having that beer together soon!"


Hello, David Wright!

Chris mentioned you asked about how we selected you as our Realtor. I initially didn't quite know where to begin! Our friends have a place on Hansel and talked to us over the summer about their positive experiences owning a home in Tahoe Donner. My first step was to do a Google search under "Tahoe Donner real estate." From there, I selected your group's website:


I then used the "Northwoods Group" tab and read the profiles of the realtors. At that point, I forward the link to Chris and we both selected you as our first choice of realtors to contact. 

Please let me know if you would like me to write up an additional reference for you for your website or for any search engines. It must be frustrating to know where to begin with the Internet beast!

Chris is very eager to settle in to cabin life and hit the slopes over the next few weeks. Our basic furniture will be delivered next Tuesday! 

Stay warm. I hope you don't have to attempt mountain recoveries in sub-zero temps.



I Recomend David Wright As An Excellent Choice In REALTORS

David Wright
Our decision to purchase a second home in Tahoe Donner was influenced by the successful experience our friends have enjoyed at this location for the past ten years.  As we began our search for a property, the first step was to determine which realtor to use.  As Bay Area natives, we were familiar with the area but not intimately familiar the real estate market in Tahoe Donner.  We selected David Wright to be our realtor based solely on David’s profile described on the TDHomes website.  At the time, we did not realize the importance of the decision we had made.

I recommend David as an excellent choice for a realtor because: 1) he is extremely knowledgeable about the Tahoe Donner market as he has lived and worked in the area for more than 20 years; 2) he is a licensed contractor, bringing construction expertise to the home selection and inspection process; and 3) he has learned from experience the importance of assisting in the selection of the appropriate home for his customers, exercising patience when needed to ensure the property will meet the needs of the prospective homeowner.

In our transaction, David patiently showed numerous homes in a variety of price ranges and styles to refine the selection process based on our feedback.  As we narrowed the search, David provided valuable insight into the features of a winter home that were important for safety and ease of access. When we selected our target home, David played a key role in negotiations and inspections while providing moral support to us as we navigated the mortgage application process.  Specifically, David successfully led the offer and counteroffer process as discoveries during the inspection process necessitated additional negotiation.  During the inspection, the Nev Cal home inspection team noted there was no access to the ceiling area above the kitchen and the garage.  David took it upon himself to inspect this area personally, by bringing a 25 foot extension ladder to our prospective home, raising the ladder to the second deck and accessing the ceiling area through the gable vent.  David took more than 40 pictures of the “inaccessible” areas, ensuring our new home had no hidden flaws.  

David’s patient and caring approach helped ensure the home buying process was pleasant while his construction expertise helped ensure our new home would meet our needs well into the future.  I cannot thank David enough for his assistance in helping us achieve one of our dreams.



Keeping Our Clients Informed Is A Large Part Of Our Business!

"It was an intense and educational ride we took together today. Watching you work simply underlined our settled knowledge that you are our agent and friend, and we hope you will continue as same throughout this journey."

-Jeff & Karen

Pete - 20 Years of Service!

We recently sold our house in Tahoe Donner with the very able assistance of David Wright. He asked if I would forward some comments to you for use on the website.

We bought our house in Tahoe Donner from David Wright about 20 years ago and recently sold it. In the years between David was very helpful in suggesting contractors for needed repairs and services. In the sale of the house there were a number of challenges to work through. David was more than equal to the task and the every obstacle was overcome. I believe that few people could provide the high level of service that he has performed for us. It was a great pleasure working with David."

-Bruce C. Montgomery, S.E.

A Great Experience!

"My wife and I just closed on a house in Tahoe Donner today, and I wanted to thank you for your firm's help in the matter. I also wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed working with Jessica Ferguson.
She was very helpful and professional, and we always felt like she had our interests as her primary goal (as opposed to some other real estate agents we've used in the past).

Overall, the experience was great and I will recommend your group and Jessica in particular to my friends. Thanks again!"

-J. S.

Full Service is Our Goal!

"My husband and I are from the Bay Area and were referred to Dave Donnelly as a reliable realtor in the Truckee area. Dave proved to be a full service agent that helped us find a vacation home in Tahoe Donner.
Dave educated us about micro-climates in Tahoe and the effects on the home you purchase, the pros and cons of different building designs and always looked out for our best interests.
Dave offered to take video of properties of interest, coordinated all of the moving parts associated with the buying process and has continued to be a trusted point of contact for us locally to our home away from home.
We trusted that Dave, the Northwoods Group and TDHomes.com would support us through this journey and we would happily recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a home in the Truckee area.
Thanks again"

-Emily Craig

Thanks for the Tour...

"Hi, Just a brief note to thank you for the terrific tour of properties in the Tahoe-Donner area. Yvonne and I greatly appreciated the info and insights you gave us on the houses and the various locales in Tahoe-Donner. We were quite impressed with your well organized assembly of data, presentation, and touring."


You were very helpful...!

"Thank you for accommodating my request to see some Tahoe Donner condominiums on Monday.
You were an excellent guide and very helpful and respectful of my preferences and areas of interest. I am confident that you listened and understood what kind of a property that I want....

I am also a fan of your website which is very well designed and packed with valuable resources. As a librarian and a technology teacher I spend a lot of time doing research on the web so I have a good basis for my positive opinion of your web and email services.

Thank you for the very professional return to my questions about my lot at Tahoe Donner."

We Want You To Understand the Market!


Thank you for providing your thoughts regarding the condition of the Tahoe Donner market. Your candor and friendship are both most appreciated.

There is a beauty and flow in your writing that communicates with precision your insights for the next year or so. We hope you know how much we enjoy working with you in this long process.
Thank you again for staying in touch and continuing with us in our ongoing eduction on the Tahoe Donner market."

-Jeff & Karen

In our wildest imagination...!

"In our wildest imagination, we never would have dreamed our transaction would be completed in three weeks----from listing to close-of-escrow!
We appreciate all of the attention you gave to our situation, including your detailed approach to assuring correct pricing and your guidance on how to best present our cabin.
We realize that having us on-hand and under-foot during the listing period was probably not the best situation from an agent's perspective. We also realize that we are worriers, and so we probably needed more stroking than most clients. But you carried on perfectly, never making us feel our constant involvement was unwanted.
No one in our family (and here it is worth noting that both Judy and our son are or were "in the business", so they should know!) had ever heard of an agent showing up with a post-hole-digger to place the sign himself---lest some contracted worker place it less than optimally. This was a shock, and convinced us (although we had much earlier decided on you after interviewing other prospective agents) of the personal care you would give our transaction.
Finally, you will remember that we were reluctant to counter the price offered by the buyers-to-be, feeling that their offer was so good that we should take it and run. The easy road would have been to let us do that, but you gently nudged us to counter higher---and it was a great decision.
Thank you again for your excellent work. We were delighted with the outcome and the relatively painless process you facilitated."

Thanks so much for helping us out with...!

"Thanks so much for helping us out with the treadmill. I don't know what I would have done without you. This has been such an easy transaction and I have to say it was because of your attention to all details in such a non confrontational kind of manner.
We all need to learn from you. You are a true professional and I look forward to referring clients to you in the future."


Thank you for a very well organized...!

"Thank you for a very well organized and helpful mtg. I really liked the inside of the Alder Creek house, but agree the location is unacceptable.
I also really appreciate knowing about the opportunity on Oslo. I look forward to coming back sometime in the next two months. I'll email you in advance with more detail."

Kudos from Texas

"I try and make sure our company provides a friendly, information rich experience but man you are something else. When you get tired of God's country come sell homes for my brothers and me in Texas!!
Thanks so much, we're going to work on it now and want you to know if there is anything you, family or friends need out our way in Dallas area please feel free to request."

-Bill Darling

Dickson Realty

11836 Donner Pass Road

Truckee, California

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